Niki Yang is an artist who’s worked on animated shows like Family Guy and Gravity Falls. But most fans know her from Adventure Time, where she worked as a storyboard artist and provides the voice for fan-favorites, Rainicorn (the rainbow and unicorn hybrid) and Beemo (the adorable gameboy and macintosh mashup). On a show that boasts talent like John Dimaggio (Futurama’s Bender) and voice talent veteran guests like George Takei, Yang manages to be one of the most memorable voices in the Adventure Time world. This might have to do with the fact that she speaks in an accent as Beemo and in all Korean for Rainicorn (no subtitles, nothing!).

But it’s never done for cheap laughs. If you understood the Korean, it’s surreal how conversational it is. It feels like I’m sitting at a cafe in K-town, except it’s the Land of Ooo, so it just adds a whole other layer of comedy (not to mention the perfectly legitimate deadpan reactions some of the characters give to Rainicorn when she chatters). Then there’s Bmo, whose Sanrio-level designs is a no brainer, but with Yang’s voice and manner of speaking, it’s so cute, it’s enraging for us (as dudes who don’t know how to properly express our FEELINGS).

It’s all a testament to the show’s ability to alchemize seemingly random elements together into imagination gold. And as one of those elements, Yang shines brilliantly.

In this interview, Yang talks about how she got down with Adventure Time and which character she relates to more. She also tells us what she thinks of “Gangnam Style” and Hayao Miyazaki. Ugh, we love.