What do you think of the fact that there seems to be just as many adults who love this show as there are kids?

I think Adventure time’s characters deal with the emotions which everyone can connect to no matter how old they are. These characters just happen to live in a fantasy land but share the same emotions just like you and me. Of course, the world is so magical and addictive. That’s another reason the show is popular. Also, they write jokes that make them laugh. And most guys who work there are in their 20s. Maybe that can be the key?

I love how the show is recorded with all the cast together, what are these sessions like?

Party. It’s a real privilege to be inside the booth, especially for a person like me who usually stays outside of the window. I learned a lot just listening to how they read lines and just inhaling the same air with them! Such pure talent!

What was your favorite celebrity guest on the show?

LeVar Burton. I am a big fan of him and he was so humble when we recorded together. This episode is the one that made me cry. And you will see why I cried and why I like Levar Burton even more!

You’re also doing voice work for Gravity Falls as Candy Chiu, how did you get involved with that?

Another bit of luck working on a great show. I was a storyboard artist on that show. One day, I was in my cube working, Alex Hirsch (creator of the show) came to ask if I would be interested in doing a voice. Hell ya! I know my life is magical.

Seeing a No Face in the “Summerween” episode was incredible. Are you a big fan of Miyazaki?

Of course!I am! I love Future Boy Conan (Tv show that I grew up with), Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and Nausicaa. I love how Miyazaki treats his characters. They, whether antagonist or protagonist, have their own reasons to be who they are and all his characters have hearts. And those hearts are what makes the audience move.

Future Boy Conan is incredible! And it has the best opening theme song ever. Adventure Time has a great one too. Are there any other personal favorite cartoon theme songs you love?

Do you know Paul in the Strange world? I don’t know what they call it here. And Princess Minky? haha- I am so old school!

What made you want to get into animating? 

I like storytelling and art. Animation can be the answer for combining the two.

There’s a lot of animation being done in Korea, why did you decide to pursue your career in America?

I am more interested in working in pre-production which is writing, designing and storyboarding. However, it would be a great experience to work on my home ground.

What did your parents think of your career choice and how did react when they saw you representing for Korea in Adventure Time?

Haha. I came from a very traditional Korean family. They don’t know that much about the entertainment business. Recently, they heard that I am working on a hit show from some relatives who live in the states. Ever since then, they started to show interest. it’s cool though.