What in the world is it with these fuckin carcinogens?! First, there was the bubble tea thing and now instant noodles?

Under order from the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA), Nong Shim has recalled six of their instant noodle brands, including Neoguri and Sang Sang Noodle, for containing benzopyrene, a carcinogen known to cause complications like lung and stomach cancer, as well as birth defects.

Six of their instant noodle brands? I need to know if Shin Ramen is included in the bunch but they don’t say.

The KFDA has indicated that the carcinogen levels are not significant enough to cause any damage and Nongshim said “its products were safe to consume and that it already destroyed all the raw materials in question.” After a recent legislative hearing, however, the KFDA issued the recall.

It’s gone now and it’s safe to consume but we need to recall it so nobody eats it!? Ya’ll need to figure this shit out because I literally ate Shin Ramen five times last week.

[via firstwefeast via koream]

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