North Korea hates America and its “imperialist pig citizens”. El oh el! But there seems to be one man they can tolerate. His name is Jimmy Dushku and they follow him and only two others on Twitter through the official North Korea twitter @uriminzok. So, who is he?

Jimmy appears to be a 25-year-old business wunderkind, who has amassed an incredible fortune investing in real estate, mining, and construction all across the world. Jimmy’s life looks like the snapshot of a real life, younger Tony Stark, complete with photos of him balling out on G6 jets, rubbing shoulders with the world’s cultural elite, and hanging out at the swankiest hotels all around the world.

Oh word?

On his spare time, Jimmy plays incredible classical piano, loves riding Ducati motorcycles, and is self-professed to be the biggest Coldplay fan in the world, having created YouTube videos documenting most of his concert attendances. Jimmy says he’s attended a staggering 60+ Coldplay concerts.

lol they said ‘INCREDIBLE CLASSICAL PIANO’! Since becoming Twitter friends, the Coldplay fanatic has been questioned about his relationship with the dark side of the force and has even been threatened. But he doesn’t seem to have a real explanation for it all.

“People always ask me how it happened, and I honestly can’t remember,” he says. “It started sometime back in 2010. I was initially surprised, but I always try to make friends with people from all different locations and backgrounds.”

Sounds shady. I don’t know about you but 60+ COLDPLAY CONCERTS sounds like some kind of twisted evil to me.
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