I’m older now so the homies (not too old to refer to my friends as homies!) that like to live clean, organized lives aren’t ashamed to come to the crib and scold me about how messy things are. When you’re a kid that shit didn’t fly, like WHO SENT YOU? YOU PARENT LOYALIST SPY! But yo, these guys can eat a dick with all that ‘just put things back when you’re done using it’ BULLSHIT. ‘CAUSE YO, WHO HAS THE TIME TO BE CLEAN!? FUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK OUTTA HEA!

But yo, secretly?! Between me and you, I like when everything is tidied up. So I might gotta cop this new manchild technology.

A Japanese company called Kyosho has made it possible to clean your house using video game skills. You know, the ones you spent a decade honing while other kids were involved in intramural sports and human interaction. Yeah. Call those guys up and rub this in their faces! You almost never have to use your real hands again! You do however, need six AA batteries and around fifty bucks.

[via notesontheroad]

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