Are Korean clubs racist? Not really. You gotta understand these people like to feel comfortable. They want to party in a spot where everyone’s speaking the same language and dancing the same as them, etc. That’s what’s keeping this particular club and others like it hot. I mean, the fact that many Korean-AMERICANS are in there now has driven many of the original circle goers (read: FOBs) elsewhere. Are they racist towards Korean Americans? Nah. they just want to bump uglies without having to speak their broken English and recapture that scene from their motherland (they even got their name from a famous club in Korea). Personally, I don’t frequent these clubs because I don’t like following dress codes, paying ridiculous fees for drinks/cover, and mingling exclusively with other Asians. But I’m not going to hate on ’em. It’s only a handful of spots in the city that Asian people go to. In my eyes, it’s like they locking themselves into that scene instead of locking heads out. Pretty sad. So leave them alone, Fox News. Shame!

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  • http://Website ha

    this is fucking retarded. every single popular night club discriminates. try getting four of your ugliest male friends and try to get into a club in miami on a weekend without bribing the bouncer. good luck bitches

  • http://Website iluvtofu

    is “ugly” a race?

  • http://Website R

    This makes me appreciate San Francisco more. I partied with some friends who were black in ’08 and they brought me to a mostly black party in Howard university. I never felt discriminated upon or picked on for not even looking cool or anything like that.

  • http://Website MaseratiSwag

    ” black in ’08 ” ?

    What color are they now?

    • http://Website R

      Blacker than ever.

      Speaking of which, I do agree that F__ news should leave them alone. F__ isn’t necessarily the most politically fair channel.

      If this complaining dude has a problem, which I can feel for him about.. he has to communicate with the club owners FIRST on an individual basis. Talk it out to them like a man. Perhaps present his case to them like an educated individual.

      ..Not broadcast some people’s favorite club, spoiling it all for everyone.

      If some want diversity so much, well then consider this club a share of diversity because not all clubs will be the same.

  • http://Website Mitch

    You know when it comes to racism, people say: “I don’t care if they’re black, white, purple or green…” Ooh hold on now: Purple or Green? You gotta draw the line somewhere! To hell with purple people! – Unless they’re suffocating – then help’em.

  • http://Website gift

    it’s fucked up b/c it’s not just this club. if u go to any other club say boom boom, they’ll say the same thing regardless of ur raec. not on the guestlist, not getting in. used to talk to meatpacking bouncers, they say they let ppl who look like they fit in such as fashion etc. but circle is an asian club and they hve the same rule- so ppl think it’s racist. it’s actually they same everywhere. if u look ugly n not fit in (business man outfit) u wont get in unless u spend smt over 10k for a table

  • http://Website textz

    This club don’t let you in if you’re ugly, either. I will say, however, that this policy works to filter out some predatory asiaphiles tryna get down… Juuuust saying.

    • http://Website R

      damn right

  • http://Website Sam

    Why would white/black people go to a Korean club? lol .. go to Lavo .. or Boom Boom Room .. or Rdv … It’s really rare to see asian people in these places.. almost impossible..! I went to Greenhouse once on thursday .. there were JUST black people. I’m white, and one of my best friends is a really hot asian girl … she had problems getting into the coolest ” white spots”… like sundays pool parties at the Gansevoort.. or Lavo brunch (almost EVERYONE is white.. 99%). The truth is.. NY is a melting pot… but at the end everyone likes to hang out with “his people”… lol … it’s not racism …
    I’m European … I like Americans .. I like asians.. I like everyone .. but sometimes I go to “European events”.. I like it .. it makes me feel at home :) Circle is a nice place for Koreans … Asians like to go there as Italians like to go to Lavo “made in Italy” or french people like to go to French tuesdays ..and African Americans like thursdays at Greenhouse …!

    (sorry for my terrible english lol )

  • http://Website John

    you are so right Sam. And also it is legal for a business to chose their own customers.

  • lilo

    This place is totally racist I am sure Major Bloomberg will close this place soon, in America we welcome everyone and nyc is the most diverse place in the world, also the most fun. We have all learned that racism is a high price to pay and we will never make that mistake again, good bless you all except this circle narrow minded place, which by the way they are in OUR COUNTRY, not theirs.

  • Mr. kim

    Lol, just like the club maybe the issuer of the reciept felt more comfortable putting that instead of putting something foreign to the usa