There are people who complain about not having enough resources and the right programs to create and then there are those who JUST DO IT! It’s that whole man versus machine thing where you see people using cellphones and getting better images than the cat with the fancy $10,000 camera. A 73-year old Japanese man named Tatsuo Horiuchi creates elaborate pieces using Microsoft fucking Excel! Yo, I hate Excel. This is amazing though. What in the world… Excel BRO!?!?!

Turns out he didn’t want to spend that extra scratch on the more expensive Adobe and didn’t realize this shit was remarkable until he won a contest in 2006 (Excel Autoshape competition in Japan <–WTF). Now he teaches tutorials on how folks can make their own Excel art (<—GTFO lol)

You can download his artwork here Cherry Blossoms at Jogo Castle (2006) and here Kegon Falls (2007).

[via weirdasianews]

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