A middle-aged Taiwanese man, identified only as Wu, is making his own lane in the hair-game with a style that is guaranteed to break necks. According to sources, the 54-year old medical laboratory scientist wanted to look younger to impress a woman that rejected his previous sexual advances. So while most dudes would’ve probably just went to the gym and got in better shape, or started wearing sun glasses and plush leathers, or started using the latest slang in casual convo, Wu went ahead and did the next best thing by turning his lifeless hair into a thing of engineering genius.  If truth be told, of all the innovations inspired by the male mid-life crisis (i.e. viagra, three-wheeled motorcycles,, etc.), Wu’s block top hair style is definitely the classiest and most subtle.

In case you were wondering how Wu’s love life has changed since becoming the real life version of Johnny Bravo, it hasn’t.  Apparently the woman he was originally after chose a normal younger guy, but that doesn’t stop Wu from using up to two cans of gel and two hours of prep-time to turn his swag on. For real though, I give him props for having the 8-bit version of Astro Boy’s hair cut.

[via shanghaiist]