After much fuckery, the biggest fight in boxing history might actually happen. When Mayweather taunted Pacquiao via twitter (of course), Pacman’s team obliged. Not completely though.

Pacquiao’s financial adviser Michael Koncz told The Associated Press on Thursday that a 45,000-seat boxing arena being built in Las Vegas won’t be finished before the end of May and staging the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight in a smaller venue is ”foolish from an economic standpoint.”

The MGM Grand only seats about 17,000, which could fetch around $20 million in sales, but the larger arena could raise an additional $30 million, Koncz said.


”I will also guarantee Manny’s purse,” he (Top Rank promoter Bob Arum) said. ”In other words, Manny doesn’t want to go into the ring and just fight out a percentage.”

He said Mayweather is looking for ”outside parties to guarantee his end of the purse.”

”So, until he finds the angel, there is no fight,” Arum said.


[via fox sports]