• sad pikachu
    18 2014 September

    I Let My Pokemon Down

    Pokemon is the shit on many different levels. First of all, I don’t consider myself a true gamer in the sense that I’m looking for more of an experience and less of a challenge. Also,...

  • south-park-the-hobbit-wendy-conforms-1278px
    16 2014 September

    The Search for Real Love: Photoshop, Plastic Surgery, and the Persocon

    Anybody seen that last episode of South Park (“The Hobbit”) when all the boys start liking a girl based on a photoshopped picture of her. Yeah, it was a pretty funny episode until I realized...

  • 10007400_10152209656013025_3947816777843519400_n
    09 2014 September

    Poppin’ Molly on a Broken Heart: A Cautionary Tale

    Every time I pop molly, I see so much beauty around me. It’s like I’m floating on a cloud made of feels. And it’s even better when you do it with friends. You just want to show...

  • DJ Zo gumship radio
    08 2014 September

    Gumship Radio Ep 21 – DJ Zo

    DJ Zo (@zomanno) is well-known as Parker/Dumbfoundead’s tour DJ. But he’s quickly making a name for himself by DJ’ing parties all over Los Angeles and through his residency at the Line Hotel. He talks to...

  • brownbreath atce travel bag gumship
    02 2014 September

    BLC ATCE Travel Bag Review

    BLC (formerly known as Brownbreath) is a brand based out of South Korea. Here’s their A.T.C.E. Travel Bag from their 2013 S/S collection!...

  • terry-krnfx-im-gumship
    25 2014 August

    Gumship Radio Ep 20 – KRNFX

    KRNFX (@krnfx) is one of the best beatboxers in the game right now. And that’s not because he’s out there battling and snatching up titles at competitions. The Canadian ‘sound sculptor’ is putting on for...


Gumship Radio Ep 17 – Annie Q

July 21, 2014 | 2 Comments

Annie Q (@annieq4u) is a promising new actress who has popped up on shows like Are We There Yet? and David Henry Hwang’s play Golden Child. But her latest gig on HBO’s new series, The Leftovers, is her biggest role yet. She talks to us about growing up in New York, dealing with rejection, dropping out of college to pursue...

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Gumship Playlist: Paultrizz

July 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

Gumship is now on Soundcloud. For our first featured mix, New Jersey based @Paultrizz provides the soundtrack for luxurious summer days driving to the beach or that ride home from the club with your bae. Check it out: Follow Paultrizz on Facebook and Instagram. And come check him out live at Barn Joo tomorrow night!...

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Reviving the First Asian-American Superhero

July 16, 2014 | 1 Comments

Back in the 1940s, when comics were in its golden era, obscure superheros were being created and discarded left and right. One of which was the Green Turtle, the first Asian-American superhero ever created. Fast-forward to 2014 and the Green Turtle has been revived by writer Gene Luen Yang and illustrator Sonny Liew in a...

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Gumship Guide to the Worst Summer Ever

Gumship Guide to the Worst Summer Ever

July 16, 2014 | 0 Comments

Ay, ay, ay! How’s your summer going? Meh? Well, the Gumship staff got together and talked about some of the worst summers we ever sweated through. Your summer can’t be as bad as these, or maybe it’s pretty much on par with these… If your summer suck maybe you should come out this Saturday (NYC...

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How many of ya’ll caught the last Dragon Ball Z movie Battle of Gods? I mean, it was cool seeing some new fight scenes and also Vegeta humbling himself to provide some comic relief was… actually, I don’t know how to feel about that. But the overall story and the ending? C’mon son. Let’s be...

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Model Zarina Gives Us All Types of Feelings

Model Zarina Gives Us All Types of Feelings

July 15, 2014 | 0 Comments

I don’t think we’ve ever seen Zarina before but cotdamn. The glasses, the white shirt, the suspenders + red Marvel top… I’m crying right now. Props to Enigmatt as always for putting these videos together. Zarina // “This Feeling” from enigmatt on Vimeo....

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We haven’t thrown a party in a while and I think it’s about that time. Here’s event info from Facebook: ヽ(*・ω・)ノヽ(*・ω・)ノヽ(*・ω・)ノGirl,It’s hot outside. And I hit up the Asian supermarket and picked up a whole pack of these jjoo jjoo bars in all your favorite kawaii colors. I mean, we could go half on one...

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steve nguyen

Gumship Radio Ep 16 – Steve Nguyen

July 14, 2014 | 0 Comments

Steve Nguyen (twitter: @steve_nguyen instagram: @stevenguyen) is well known for blogging and creating content for popular (but currently defunct) Asian media site Channel APA. But the man has got writing, directing, and producing credits. He talks to us about being awkward as a youth, his first exposure to cinema through his mentor, working with heroes...

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Transformers is without a doubt one of the most lucrative entertainment franchises of all time. So it’s no surprise that China’s film industry has continued its stake in the fourth installment of the series. A smart move as the film grossed $220 million in the Chinese box office, making it the highest grossing film in...

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Pokemon the game is great because of its addictive gameplay. But the kawaii factor is an undeniable element to its appeal. That’s never been more apparent then in this fan-created (Beth Emery aka zSparky) mashup art with Attack on Titan. Gotta catch em all? More like, nah son i’m good, gtfo, pleasegod, run for my life,...

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