Hong Kong holds a very dear place in my heart.I’ve went four times and still I am captivated by its culture and its people while wondering why New York City does not have an Octopus Card yet. But it is the urban streets, reminiscent of the 90s Hong Kong gangster flicks I so dearly watched as a kid,that charms me the most.

As part of Palladium’s Explorer series they linked up with Hypebeast to introduce the back streets of Hong Kong while also providing some smooth product placement of  the Pampa line. The video is short so it’s just snippets of urban areas that normally wouldn’t be featured in a dingy guidebook, however; the view of the skyline is spot on. Check the video out:

While watching the video, I find it a bit weird and funny that midway through, the dude just stops for a minute from his urban exploration to switch up to his red Pampas. Hong Kong is known for its hot and humid climate, but I don’t know how wearing some red Pampas is going to help him stay cool. But one thing is for sure, red screams out attraction plus it’s the primary color of Hong Kong’s flag.

[via hypebeast]