I’m not gonna front, I teared up. There’s a lot of hurt and pain in this world but it’s a different story when you gotta eat that shit on like the first few days of your life. Support this.

In the same way that Academy Award-Winning filmmaker, Louie Psihoyos, raised awareness about Taiji’s depraved fishing practices in his documentary, “The Cove,” our ultimate goal is to use this film as a tool to change global consciousness.

At the same time, our hope is to raise enough capital to construct a “barrier-free home” for the children of The JuSarang Orphanage. A “barrier-free home” is a facility specifically tailored to the needs of children with disabilities. Some of the improvements would include a proper ventilation system, rehabilitation rooms, safe bathrooms for the children who cannot stand to take a shower, and low windows where every child could see the sky.

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