The stuff you get from the pharmacy is cool but sometimes you can’t fux with a daily dose of roots and deer antler packets. Well-being, homie. If you don’t know, now you know. But sometimes you gotta draw the line and just say no like it was the other type of drug. Some dude in India is selling distilled cow urine and according to him, it’s only growing in popularity.

People from all over the country surprisingly do not mind the disgusting origin of the medicine. Gomutra arka is said to relieve more than a hundred illnesses, including kidney ailments, skin diseases and acidity.

Santhosh also pronounces its ability to purify the blood, make one stronger and prolong life. He even conveyed that doctors in the area are also drinkers of gomutra arka, and that they are believers of its power to prevent different kinds of ailments.

Don’t knock it until you try it, I guess…? *shudder

[via weirdasianews]

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