So while the site was down, I saw this new Kickstarter project about Pho. And I fucking love Pho. I’m really about that lifestyle. But Sabzi from the Blue Scholars might put me to shame. Peep the raps.

Word, just an enjoyable ass song. And now he wants to do a dedication to it:

During a conversation over lunch at the Phở Bắc one day, an idea came up for an iconic poster displaying the ingredients of this soup.  One thing led to another and eventually this conversation evolved into a complete project involving some rapping, a music video, and a mini line of goods all revolving around contemporary phở culture.

This Kickstarter was created to raise the funds required to manufacture some of the design work from this project in order to make it available so that you too can rep phở life.

If you go to their site, you’ll see that they already reached their goals. So, you can hit them with money if you just want to pick up those great posters. I did. Might make a nice Christmas gift for your pho-natic friends.
I picked up this one because it made me hungrier:
  • Hi_Man2.0 (@2Kool_Boy)

    Nice video !

    • Dave

      Yes indeed, I usually find ‘food raps’ pretty corny but he pulled it off with his laid back demeanor. Shit made me hungry.

  • hun

    growing up with a viet family whenever i see other random people not using hoisin or sriracha sauce in their pho i get really fucking pissed off.

    • Dave

      haha it ain’t that serious! it leaves more for the rest of us?