In this clip, former SONY CEO, Ken Kutaragi, brings us back to the time he was trying to change the video game industry forever with the original Playstation.I always thought it was some standard tech industry shit but apparently, lives were lost, and Kutaragi is cold as a polar bear’s ass.

Today we are proud to announce the DIRECTORIAL DEBUT of video game legend, Ken Kutaragi, the “Father of PlayStation.” He needed to tell the real, raw story of the PlayStation’s origin- and it was done through the power of video tape.

Jokes aside, I just remembered how innovative it was to bring CDs into the fold. Never could have imagined it would be Sony and motherfucking Microsoft at the top right now. Nothing is foreverrrr, ya’ll. Anyway, hilarious video from comedy group Mega64. You can check more of their videos out here.

[via kotaku]

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