It’s hilarious how some chicks try to pose as gamers nowadays. It’s even funnier when chicks are actually true hardcore gamers. Like, what’s wrong with you? Go live your life and be wonderful, this life of seclusion, sweaty controllers, and shower-abstinence ain’t for you… especially if you’re a popstar.

Goto is taking off time from showbiz to recoup and, seemingly, play video games—apparently, even pulling off 30-hour marathon sessions. You’re going to need marathons like that to rack up gaming hours like she has.

According to Mantan Web, while on the online program, Goto talked about her Monster Hunter 3 playtime, revealing that it was 7,000 hours. That’s 291 days. Of Goto’s life. Playing Monster Hunter 3.

Son, if the Kotaku writer ain’t emphasize it enough. 7,000 hours, bro! How the FUCK!?

[via kotaku]

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