If you’ve ever been to Asia, you know the “couple” culture is REAL. You’ll see people rocking matching outfits on a regular basis, and even when you hit up a fast food spot, they have like ‘couple’ value meals. I guess it’s fun when you have a significant other but when you’re single, it’s the worst. Here’s some more salt for ya wounds, bruh.

This month, Japanese snack maker Koikeya is releasing potato chips that have been designed with couples in mind. The chips are heart shaped and come in two flavors: Lemon Pepper and Sugar Butter. How romantic.

The Lemon Pepper chips have a “top hat” on them, so the presumption is that they are aimed at either men or individuals who own fancy headwear. The Sugar Butter chips are in pink packaging and have a ribbon on them, so they seem to be aimed at females—because all females have bows in their hair and like pink, right?

I just envisioned a dude copping a few bags to snack on, and then a couple stops him and snatches it out of his hands saying, ‘NOT FOR YOU.’ Bound to happen.

[via kotaku via mynavi]