Moshe Kai Cavalin is about to graduate from UCLA with a Math degree at 14! And he’s got motivational words for all of us:

“People need to know you don’t really need to be a genius. You just have to work hard and you can accomplish anything,”

Oh yeah? Just like that? That’s basically helpful to nobody.

Of course, as Asians, we know who the biggest loser here is. All of Moshe’s cousins and siblings are going to hear shit from their parents. ‘Did you hear about the new amazing thing he did’ and ‘how come you can’t be more like him?’. You know his older cousins are especially mad.

On some real shit though, I wonder if it’s good for him to basically miss out on all of childhood. One part of me is like, damn, this kid is going to grow up with some bugged out psychological issues from lack of Pokemon and everyone looking at him like Krang from Ninja Turtles. Then another part of me is like, many of us grow up ‘normally’ and still come out real messed up. So, ‘one life to live’, ‘c’est la vie’, ‘be all you can be’, and all of that. Best case scenario he’s going to be kind of a dick but he’ll start early at cracking a lot of these scientific puzzles for human advancement y’know? We’ll see lol.

[via 8asians]

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