The grown ass man in me (pause) wants to condemn this wild behavior but it’s really hard. Like yo, this shit was absolutely stupid but I bet it was a lot of fun. I’ve done a lot of stupid shit in my life in the name of fun so who am I to judge? So, uh, I’m just going to point this out and you guys talk amongst yourselves.

13 teenagers were arrested Friday after throwing a party inspired by Project X in an abandoned Houston home. The walls were kicked in, nearly every window was smashed, leaving the $500,000, 4,000 square-foot house looking like a cyclone wrecked it.

Worse, there were similar parties planned across the nation the same weekend. Two kids in Calgary masterminded a party, dubbed #ProjectKris, via Twitter that reached Japan, Australia, and the Middle East. The cops ended up learning about that and deaded it with the quickness.

Meanwhile, the marketing people behind Project X high five the shit out of each other.

[via complex]