Let me keep it real with y’all, I’ve pissed in the street plenty of times.

I mean, you know how it is. You’ve been out drinking all night and when the Remy’s in the system, ain’t no telling will I hold it or just piss em.  In fact a friend of mine has even called me a “Triple P”, Professional Public Pisser, because I’m just so slick with it that I’ve never been caught by five-o.

But my accomplishments as a Triple P is nothing compared to people in China. They really take public pissing to a whole different level and there’s something we can all learn from them.

Earlier this month, a family from mainland China on vacation in Hong Kong, let their two year old son take a leak in the middle of a crowded shopping street. A bystander takes a video which then becomes viral, and now people from both Hong Kong and mainland China are pissed off at the boy’s parents for their lack of civility. When confronted by the crowd, the boy’s mother argues that her son just couldn’t hold it, simple as that.

If you’ve ever been to mainland China, you’d know that public urination is not too out of the ordinary. Now don’t get the impression that the streets are covered in urine. I’m just saying occasionally you’ll see grandma’s helping their grandchildren water the flowers. But I wouldn’t call it weird, it’s just a cultural difference and how they were raised. Many Chinese from small towns and villages outside big cities, have different standards on what’s publicly acceptable and what’s not. Essentially, they just give less of a fuck than city folk. However public urination in Hong Kong is illegal and could land the boy’s parents a 2,000 HK dollar fine ($250).

On the flip side, some people are criticizing the Hong Kongers for their hostility. The poor kid was just two years old after all and if he had to go, that’s all he needed to know. If I saw my parents being yelled at and surrounded by a mob for me simply peeing, I’d probably shit myself too.

To gauge the opinion of the nation, popular Chinese social media site Sina Weibo conducted a survey asking “How do you feel about kids peeing on the street?” The results were quite surprising. The issue of public urination has long created a divide amongst the Chinese. China is now a superpower in the eyes of the world, but are they giving a conflicting impression when in front of these shiny new buildings, are kids peeing in public? What do you think? I just hope that one day my countrymen can unite and pee together in peace. For now, I’ll be holding it down in the streets of NYC.

  • aaron

    lack of civility is from the people attacking this them its just a kid man.

  • hgker

    The larger discussion here is that there are people from the mainland come to Hong Kong and treat it like their trash can. They throw their trash anywhere, they spit and piss and shit on the street (HK has public cleanliness laws against that) and its been happening for far too long.

    Now that the Mainland has started to have some money, more mainlanders are coming over, but with their money they also bring their own “views” on whats acceptable or not in public.

    Not too long ago, there were articles every day about mainlanders making the short trip down to HK to have their kids in HK hospitals, effectively having them become Hong Kong citizens while clogging up nearby hospitals and using up the resources (baby formula, diapers etc). Take note here, they commonly look down on Hkgers. (A famous professor was noted to have called HKgers “Dogs”, many people agreed) But HK is suddenly so good with their benefits?

    • Howard Yew

      When I speak with older people from HK, I get a hint of a superiority complex in comparison to mainlanders. Now that HK is really being shadowed by the growth in the mainland, could the tables turn?

  • daewooparts

    you should see the shit in china ! they don’t give a shit where they take a shit ,nevermind the pee !

  • LA

    The problem is that how mainlanders come to Hong Kong and does a shopping spree. Remember how the stores yelled at the locals for taking pictures of their stores. And yet, if it were the mainlanders, they are more than okay. Or the fact that the mainlander goes taking the train and putting trashes everywhere in the train and someone told her to pick up and she start to BS and yell at that person. From these stuff to many other things that happened, that’s why there’s a clash in between. I can’t help it that it is correct when the older generations feel superior to the mainlanders because that’s how they were acknowledge to.

    The Chinese government approved thousands to Hong Kong everyday and made the HK government have less $$$ to deal with the locals. Like HGKER said, you know that because of the mainlander goes to HK to get the birth certificate from HK and not paying the hospital their fees, now people need to give fees for going to the ER. It didn’t happen before, only when these pregnant woman goes down just to get HK benefits for their childrens of being born in the hospitals. And Hong Kong may not be the cleanest city in the world but people do get fines for throwing garbages in Hong Kong so the mainlanders should of been fine for that if they throw garbages.

    Now back to the photo, why can the woman understands that this is embarrassing for herself and the kid? This kids isn’t that big, so a diaper would be sufficient. When you are planning for a trip, wouldn’t you get more diapers just in case for the children to change?? I can definitely say I would be embarrass to be near these people, no offense.