Listen, I don’t go around having elegant conversations with what I am about to consume because I’m not about that Hannibal Lecter life. So why would I want to see a video talking from the perspective of a cup ramen? Nongshim decided it would be a great idea to do just that and now whenever I reach for a cup ramen or a packet, I might just hear this voice and start to feel compassion. And at the same time, not only did they put a voice to one of my favorite foods, they picked the most annoying 90s anime English dub voice, so full of wonderment and enthusiasm for being devoured alive by you. It’s like, I hate you but I can’t hate you because you’re annoying but you’re on my team?

I know what you’re thinking and nah, I’m not overreacting. You know how much ramen I eat? Noodles come out my nose sometimes when I laugh too hard.

They could’ve just ran the footage (because the behind the scenes IS pretty interesting), throw Flight of the Valkyries over it, and called it a day. It’s some majestic shit going down in this factory but they just added several different layers of wackness to it. That’s why you can’t just be clicking whatever on these internets because some things you can’t unsee.