When Dave emailed to ask me to write a little diddly about she who collaborated with the oppressor and brought shame upon the Asian American demographic, his subject line was, “Lisa Chan Hoekstra”. Without knowing the contents, I was startled; shit, she is married to this assbag now?

Wishful thinking.

Let me explain:

Two days ago, Lisa Chan issued an official apology, signed as CEO and Vice President of some organizations that sounds like they were created overnight to give her substance. She references her work serving communities and her commitment to empowerment. Yet the apology did nothing but leave me with more questions. Specifically: how are we supposed to reconcile such an egregious breach of the image of a responsible citizen of the community that she is belated trying to restore?

Am I supposed to believe that she was the victim of a complex scheme in an alternate universe where biking through a rice paddy and smiling like a possessed puppet all the while speaking words that are meant to demonize China is NOT a mockery to Asians? Where a racist campaigns operating under the guise of politics isn’t textbook?

I’m not saying that the rest of us are exempt from being an embarrassment once or twice. A quick browse through Xanga archives guarantees a colossal sized tidal wave of second hand embarrassment. But this just doesn’t seem like the kind of mistake that I can write off as a bad judgment call.

I mean, am I supposed to believe that a graduate of a fine institution like Berkeley, after reading the ill-fated script, didn’t register that this is maybe a bad idea? That a girl who has worked on community issues, after watching the clip and before its publicity, maintained her complacency until there was public outrage? That, for all her remorse, it took her over two weeks to issue a poorly constructed apology that is so inadequate that she might as well be married to Pete Hoekstra?

For all this, I would feel better if she had been married to the guy, at least then the ad would have been the result of sordid private dealings, which concerns me not. But she had to go and “apologize” like she did not realize that these would be the consequences of her actions? Like she’s expecting this to be adequate like the rest of us are just as oblivious?

words by Jae (read more at her blog A la recherche de)