Recently, there was word New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio was considering adding the Chinese Lunar New Year on to the Public School holidays. You know, like we know, it’s about damn time our holiday got some recognition! For years, we had to either go to school or take a bullshit “excused absence” that would ruin our perfect attendance streaks. So making Lunar New Year an official holiday would be an undeniable win for Asian Americans in NYC.

But why not think on a broader scale? Here are six reasons why Americans should embrace Lunar New Year and celebrate it as a national holiday! YEAH SON, IT’S GOIN’ DOWN!!!

words by Al (Instagram: @realfredosauce)

The Asian population is booming in the U.S.

According to the 2010 Census, almost all of the U.S. states (except for Hawaii) had a 30% increase in Asian population. At least four million identified themselves as Chinese or Chinese mix with another race or ethnicity. But yo, even before all that…

We helped build this country

An estimated 9,000 to 12,000 Chinese immigrants worked on the Transcontinental Railroad project in the mid-1800s. After the completion of the project, none of the Chinese workers were given a formal recognition of the hard work they put in at the time. One of the major themes in Asian culture is that respect is given not earned, which is contrary to the American culture. This is an opportunity to pay tribute to some true American heroes.

Philosoraptor meme on Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year will make you a better person

We would be more than happy to show the rest of ya’ll how we get down on our New Year, especially now when Non-Asians are starting to recognize it’s more than Kung Fu and takeout. Let’s take it further. Most likely, you’ll end up a better person for it. Take the Wu-Tang Clan for example. They went through those chambers and came out with a couple classic albums, platinum plaques, clothing lines, and worldwide recognition. We’re not promising any of those things but hey, anything is possible when you develop a deep appreciation for Asian culture. Might even be able to pull off a highly advanced lion dance aerial technique one day with the right training.

Chinese Lion Dancing

  • daewooparts

    lunar newyears has ALWAYS been days off for me ,would even skip school from back from middleschool &highschool with all our friends and have fun