This shit cracks me up. But cracking up at somebody’s work doesn’t mean I don’t take it seriously, it just means it cracks me up. That’s one reaction art can make you have. For his piece, performance artist Kang Yi stood half naked and got a college girl to cover his body with hickeys.

The girl leaving the hickeys is Miss Liu, a second-year art student at a certain Hunan province art college, who was invited to perform this piece of performance art with Kang Yi. She says the hickeys were “sucked out one by one”, that originally she was to leave 1000 hickeys, but because the weather was too cold, they had to end it early. As an art student, she strongly supports the idea that Kang Yi wants to express, believing that people should “pursue pure love”.

El oh el. What do you think?



[via chinasmack]

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