Dance covers are plentiful online but this one’s a little different. The K-Tigers team in Korea covered the immensely popular (in kpop) “Ringa Linga” choreography video from Taeyang and infused it with all kinds of kicks. Please have a look:

[youtube id=”uc-1-Y4Mnro” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Shout out to the first dude they had lip synch. I know these taekwondo heads was like, shit, who the prettiest one out of us? Lulz. But yo, very dope effort. Definitely worth a replay. We definitely didn’t do shit like this when I was taking classes. I remember when it was a smaller group, he’d make us do all kinds of drills and then sit us down to tell us to go bring the master from any other school to come see him. Thinking back, it was actually pretty awesome. Shout out to Champion Taekwondo.

Here’s the original Taeyang which is also pretty impressive if you ignore the dudes bodyrolling with the angriest facial expression:

[youtube id=”Ho1y-4mXIL0″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

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