Real tears is coming down my face right now. This dude is even more awesome than the Old Spice guy and Dos Equis geezer. Watch as this dude busts out all the smooth moves while rocking his Samsung GEAR and taking the girl for the ill tech savvy ride, start to finish. THE OTHER DUDE HILARIOUS TOO THOUGH, ALL CLUMSY, DROPPING JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING. SHOULD’VE GOTTEN A SAMSUNG GEAR, PAL! HAHAHAHAHAHA I DONT WANNA LIVE NO MORE

[youtube id=”T8nJKWJTsUg” width=”620″ height=”360″]

[via doobybrain]

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  • Doobybrain

    This was both the best and worst commercial I’ve ever seen!


      Yo really tho HAH

  • tyrique

    Dead ass this makes me want one tho


      me too lol