This is pretty bugged out.

A female student in the Minnewaska school district in Minnesota who has a Facebook page despite being one year under the social network’s age limit was hauled into a meeting with a school counselor and a deputy sheriff and pressured into surrendering her passwords for Facebook and email.

the problem stemmed from parents of another student complaining about a post on Facebook in which sex was discussed.

And now, she filed a lawsuit with the American Civil Liberties Union against the district who had this to say:

Students do not shed their First Amendment rights at the school house gate. The Supreme Court ruled on that in the 1970s, yet schools like Minnewaska seem to have no regard for the standard.


I remember back when Xanga was the craze some underclassmen I know wrote a post about smoking weed with me in the school bathroom. Basically, snitched on me by accident. But I’m not even going to shit on him because I used to basically tell on myself all the time too. Posts like “4TH PERIODDDDDD, MADDDD FUCKEEEEDDDDD UPPPP” wasn’t a good look! So, the deans caught on to this new thing called blogging and next thing you know, they told me to come down to their offices.

Oh word?

Okay, so I start heading down but not before I hit up the lunchroom and gather up some intelligence. Found out some people were getting called in by the deans about their xanga posts. WTF? Okay, that’s fine. I made one last stop before getting to the office: the computers in the library to delete ALL my shit. Walked into the Dean’s office, whistling, what’s up guys and how are your kids? They got these little cocksucker smiles on their faces and they pull up my site, only to see everything is GONE.

Dean 1: What? Where is everything?!

Me: What are you talking about?

Dean 2: We saw your posts!

Me: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Dean 1: You can’t just delete that information.

Me: I don’t know what you’re talking about but are you really telling me what I can or can’t do on my site?

Dean 2: Once you published it, it became public information! Pull it up right now!

Dean 1: Show us!

Me: … so, I’m going to go back to class, it’s always a pleasure talking to you guys. Mad cute.


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  • paulbae

    Amazing. I’m smiling, looking like a psycho on the train right now…

  •!/DokkiB DokkiB

    They did that same peepin’ tom buzhwa to me in a $15,000/sem private university!

    And it was my Facebook posts! They were real sneeky too..

  • Dave

    #bigbrotheriswatching lol