Dude. This is an extremely touchy subject. Americans not only love their french fries but they stand by them on some patriotic shit. So what Serious Eats is doing right now… utmost respect! Here was the process:

The total elapsed time from placing my first order at Wendy’s until arriving home with nine orders of large fries (!!!) was probably 20 minutes or so. (An exact time can’t be provided, as the receipt printouts prove unreliable. BK’s clock was clearly off, showing that I ordered there—my final stop—three minutes before I ordered at McDonald’s in the middle of my restaurant run.) I then graded each fry based on how close each came to the “ideal” in four categories: crispness, size/structure, potato flavor, and seasoning/saltiness.

Word. So who won? Well, Todd Brock, the writer basically says if it weren’t for the nostalgia factor, Burger King would’ve won. Man, fuck a nostalgia factor, if Burger King fries taste the best, just declare them the best lol. I’m kinda tight though. I haven’t tried the new BK fries yet, but my personal favorite is the Wendy’s fries (which placed last). McDonald’s fries will always hold a special place in my heart, but if I just go by what I crave these days, it’s gotta be Wendy’s. I’ll spend like a good 15 minutes eating those soft but crispy, sea-salted fries (I’m literally drooling right now), just going in one after another, and not realize I didn’t touch my burger yet until I’m halfway done. Anyway, I’m fat and also check out the rest of the article here.


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    this is blasphemy… This country was built on MCDONALD’s fries… That specific taste of fried potato and salt is why my parents came to this country and believe in the American dream. When I think of french fries, there is no comparison or doubt in my mind that Mc Donalds have the best fries. I even like that you only have a 15min window to eat them…because once McDonalds fries get cold. It turns into poison.

  • Dave

    I feel your pain. Tha fuck is a burger king fry.

  • http://Website saywhat

    to be honest.. i think anything fried is good