I only heard about this GTA-esque video game like a week ago and I can’t wait to play it. There aren’t TOO many details out besides the fact that it’s amazing (early reviews are giving it like a 9/10 average) and it’s set in Hong Kong. If it’s anything like this live action fight sequence, good times are to be had by all gangster/underworld game enthusiasts. Also, fight scenes need more door slamming equals dome-splitting action on some oh, lemme get that for you, splat!

I’ve always wanted to do a martial arts piece, and Square Enix made it happen! HUGE shout to Square for this! And thanks to EVERYONE who made this possible due to their hard work and dedication!

Hats off to EMC monkeys for the fight choreography and coordination! Watch their videos!

The game drops on the 14th!

[via awesomer]

  • http://Website DokkiB

    Are you sure you only found out about this like a week ago? I wrote a piece on this back in June 8 this year on the same site that I keep promoting on my twitter feed!

  • Dave

    ^ lol take it easy chief, I’m sure you did.