In New York, there are three ‘specialized high schools’. Actually, there might be more now with all these charter joints popping up, but there is a test students take every year to score admission into either Brooklyn Tech, Bronx Science, or Stuyvesant. Stuyvesant is the most coveted out of the trio, so this is pretty funny.

A stunning 71 Stuyvesant High School students will have to retake their Regents exams in the wake of a high-profile cheating scandal.

Six of those students also face suspensions — five because of ties to 16 year-old Nayeem Ahsan.

The junior was forced out of the elite public school last month for using a cell phone to send photos of several Regents exams to dozens of friends.

Oh snap! I always wondered what cheating on tests was like in this smart phone era. Not really impressed, though. Any Stuyvesant alums want to comment?

[via angryasianman via dailynews]

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