Yo, let’s take a moment of silence for one of the greatest soju campaigns to ever…. ever…. (weeps deeply), sorry, I get emotional. If you’ve been following this blog, you already know my love for Hyori. If you’ve known me since junior high school, you know the dedication is real.

Hyori and the brand had been almost synonymous since commencement of the deal in 2007. In their 5 year run, the two renewed the contract 8 times. Besides a major increase in sales for the brand, the queen introduced and popularized the shake shake dance to make chum chum more than just a drink but also an experience.

And she tweeted:

For several years, I had times when I liked and hated having my face plastered on a soju bottle… I hope my smiling face was encouraging for the struggles people go through… Thank you~

(clears throat) But yo, every good thing has to come to an end. And I’m not mad at the new choices, particularly Hyorin from Sistar. God bless her, she’s amazing. Evidence:

So, yeah. Let’s salute Hyori for a good run and hope she gets even bigger endorsement deals because although she’s probably mad stuck up because she’s literally the hottest chick in Korea, she seems nice. And let’s welcome the new ladies who will greet us every drunken night like alcohol fairies ridin’ in on green bottles. Mad poetic son, I know.



I think I might have to dedicateTravel Guide Thursday to Hyori tomorrow.

[via ax3battery]