Remember that thing you and your friends were obsessed with for like a week and then everyone got tired of it, except for one dude whose life was actually changed by it. That’s how I imagine this scenario played out. This Belgian dude played with swords as a teen and after watching The Last Samurai, he HAD to HAD to (saying it double times makes it real) make his own armor.

With the help of a metalworking craftsman friend, books, and the internet, Danny began work on a suit of samurai armor. The process was long and taxing: The small metal plates were hammered by hand and then strung together by over 700 feet of rope. The suit weighs nearly 80 pounds!

Danny even decided to make a full set of weapons and a flag for his set of armor.

Apparently, internet commenters in Japan are giving him his props. What do I think? Son kinda killed it. I’m actually looking at these flicks and developing somewhat of a fear boner. Follow your passions and whims, ya’ll. It’s not about the quick high you get from an afternoon of work. TWO YEARS, bruh. Respect.




[via kotaku]

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