Man, how is Sonic still alive? Dude really fell off but somehow he keeps coming back around. Don’t get me wrong, I was a big fan of Sonic. Peep this (shitty) drawing that I’m still able to pull off because of the sheer amount of practice from my youth:

Yeah man, I was fighting a losing battle with you Nintendo guys. After Genesis, Sonic just kept putting out a lot of crap product and it was just depressing to witness. It was the worst when he started compromising and doing olympic themed video games with Mario. You know, ya boy Mario can’t keep up with the blur. But yeah, that happened. Wouldn’t be surprised if there was a couple Chuck E Cheese rat joint outings as well. These days, his games are doing a little better but he’s still on that ‘I’ll do anything with anyone’ tip :



Not mad at it though. Even crazier is seeing Wiley and Robotnik come together on some ‘yo we both got mustaches, it was meant to be’!

When the storyline that has Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man meet shows up in comics stores next year, Archie Comics is pulling off a feat that Sega and Capcom probably wouldn’t be able to pull off. The man responsible for the ensuing hijinx is writer Ian Flynn, who already pens the adventures of both iconic characters in comics from Archie.

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As a former diehard Sonic fan, I feel pretty good about all this, and then this happened:


Sega announced on Tuesday that it is developing a collaborative project with Sega, and the first fruit of that collaboration is a “Sonic x Hello Kitty Super Jumbo Plush” toy. The toy will be available in late July as a game machine prize to celebrate the July 14 reopening of the Tokyo Joypolis complex.

We’ll never win.

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