DJ Neil Armstrong is one of the most sought after party rockers in the world. He’s part of the legendary DJ Collective 5th Platoon, global ambassador for Adidas, former personal tour DJ for Jay-Z, and he blessed the culture with some of the most Original and Smoove mixtapes ever (your highschool sweetheart ain’t got nothing on dude). Needless to say, he knows how to get the people open. So you know we had to get him for our first Soundtrack feature. We gave him five situations on Valentine’s Day and he gave us the soundtrack. Definitely not what we expected. Also, greatest playlist ever.

Restaurant: Lele – You Breakfast
Neil says: “Let your date know that she is the only thing you want on the menu.”

A walk in the park: The Blackbyrds – Rock Creek Park (aka doin it
in the park, doin it after dark)
Neil says: “The words of the song are ‘doing it in the park, doing it after dark .’ This is not ending with a kiss on the forehead.”

At the club: Notorious BIG – Fucking You Tonight
Neil says: “Let your intentions be known. There will be cuddling afterwards, if you’re into that sort of thing.”

In the bedroom: Missy Elliot – One Minute Man
Neil says: “Go out like a champion thoroughbred. Make sure she writes home to momma about the buns.”

No date, home alone: Tweet – Oops
Neil says: “Nobody can do it better then ya dang self anyways.”

These are just a couple of songs but If you want that extended play for Valentine’s Day. Try Warmfuzzy. The award-winning mixtape was released in 2005 but it still bumps in more ways than one.

Also available is his latest project, Original All Out King, the 10 Year Anniversary for the original Original. For more Neil, subscribe to his podcast and follow him on Twitter.