You know what they say, Spam is crack in a can. Wait, you never heard that before? I guess that’s just between the homies and I. Either way, if you’re Asian you probably grew up with the tubed meat and if you’re Hawaiian, it’s basically your religion. I guess the general population isn’t up on it like that because they’re rolling out a new spokescharacter¬† Mr. Can-A-Lot In an effort to increase it’s social media presence.

Spam began pushing the pink-colored meat as an ingredient in a wide range of meals in 2009, with its ongoing “Break the Monotony” campaign. Sir Can-A-Lot is coming online partly to help grow the brand’s social-media presence. Spam’s Facebook page has more than 119,000 “likes,” but its Twitter handle, which launched about a year ago, had a relatively paltry 1,244 followers as of Monday.

Honestly, I’m not trying to see this beloved meat come alive. Thoughts?

[via adage]

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