Pardon the corniness of this headline but it’s really not a joke. Some dude copped a squid and as the fishmonger cut the squid open for him, they found a live bomb just marinating in its belly.

The fishmonger who found the bomb said, “This sort of squid lives close to the shore and normally makes a meal of small fish and prawns.” He added, “Perhaps it thought the bomb was its favorite food and gulped it down. It certainly had a big belly when it was caught.”

“Perhaps it thought the bomb was its favorite food..” EL OH EL. Anyway, the cops rushed to the scene and they safely detonated the shit so all is well. But damn… every now and then, when I’m out drinking with friends I might break into a ‘you never know when you’re gonna go’ speech, not on some introspective AZ on “Life’s a Bitch” but in the Final Destination tip… ahem, enjoy your day.

[via weirdasianews]

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