So if you have no Asian friends in your social media timelines, the Sriracha plant almost got shut down today. Irwindale (the city the Sriracha plant inhabits) residents complained about the smell burning their eyes and throat so they filed a complaint which turned into the city moving to get production suspended. Too bad. To paraphrase the judge, they asking for too much too fast. I’m also pretty sure he said something like, ‘mannnnn sriracha is delicious you could put it on pho and pretty much anything else and make it spicy and delicious.’ Anyway, I feel kinda bad for residents but damn, your hate versus everybody’s love and adoration is uneven and it ain’t gonna work out.

At Gumship, we live on that sriracha. So we were already getting ready to print out t-shirts, pick up picket signs, and march. Here’s what we already had on ice. Based off the FREE GUCCI tshirts. 



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