If you’ve been a reader of Gumship for awhile now, you’re familiar with Alex Wong aka¬†Steven Lebron as a contributor on the site (tackling real shit like K-town the reality show and classic anime Slam Dunk). For those of you who don’t, my dude can write and he just self-published his first book with the thoughtful essays and sick illustration. Look, yo:



I know ya’ll wanna read that last one, especially. Real talk, I haven’t gotten a chance to peep it yet but judging from the description and what I know about Alex, it’s going to be some insightful stuff and another page in the Asian American experience. Probably some mention of Popeyes chicken, dude is kinda obsessed. Check out more details and go support a Gumship alum by picking up a copy of Steven Lebron Vol. 1.