“Japan’s experts in luxury streetwear have teamed up with Mercedes-Benz to create a one of a kind G55 Wagon. A fitting black make up of the car with mastermind Japan branding, the car itself doesn’t seem to have changed much, but we do think the pairing of the two brands is interesting, we’re eager to see if this is the start of more work together.”

Source: EyescreamHB

Uhhh what did they actually “collaborate” on? This looks like a stock G-Wag with 2 corny stickers on the side and back. I’m sure they would have shown more pictures if there were some other cool ideas both brands came up with but NOPE! This goes back to the article posted about Jeff Staple and how current “collaborations” aren’t collaborations at all. With the great prestige of both brands, I definitely expected something a lil more creative..