WOO!! HOT SAUCE ON EVERYTHING! Woah, too much? NO SUCH THING! You know how much we love our sriracha (don’t you dare call the shit cock sauce unless you a chack perhaps), so it’s not too crazy to see the spice nectars creep into a dessert and snack item like a lollipop.

It’s a wonderful twist on Atomic Fireballs. A bag of four is $10, but if this savory candy tickles your fancy, you can get buy an entire case of 36 for $58. Just proceed with caution. That stuff is seriously spicy.

LOL Excuse this non-Asian person and ignore that last bit after the pricing. Even if tears should fall, I’d never admit anything was too spicy. CAUSE IT’S NOT! Get your fix at Lollyphile now.

[via gizmodo via Cool Material]