It’s Sunday. Here are a few mellow tunes for that hangover.

Little Dragon – Little Man (acoustic)

Does it get any better than Little Dragon unplugged? Those kids are adorable too.

Clara C – Alex Care “Too Close” and Britney Spears “Toxic” Covers

Clara C always stands out from the other youtube artists because she always does things a little differently. Here she weaves together two different songs pretty seamlessly. It’s also good hearing that Britney song stripped down of all the high production glitz so you can hear and appreciate those lyrics. Good songwriting, don’t front.

Masia One – Errrbody

How is that you can get hype to this shit but also mellow out to it? Feeling the new cuts from Masia One. Pharrell and The Game don’t disappoint either.

Bob Ross Remixed “Happy Little Clouds”

Look into his eyes when he says ‘I believe’. He really believes in you! Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting is one of the greatest television shows ever made. You ever watch the shit high? Anyway, this is a worthy tribute.