So we’ve seen some interesting promotional items surrounding the release of the new Dragon Ball Z movie. But this one has to be the greatest yet. Japanese convenience store chain Lawson is selling some great, great tie-ins. Check:

Vegeta’s Green Salad

Master Roshi Roll

Seven Ingredient Yakisoba

Kamehame-han (rice)

Spirit Ball Onigiri

1 Star Ball Tien Shinhan (rice)

Krillin Whipped Cream and Chestnut Cream Bread

Goku Nyoibo (power pole) Long Bread

Majin Buu Milk pudding

Dragon Balls You Can Eat with a Spoon

Piccolo Maccha Cream Puffs

Super Saiyan Fries

Dragon Ball Pizza

Okay, so the clear winner here has DEFINITELY gotta be the super saiyan fries! LOLOLOL

The loser? Vegeta’s Green Salad. C’mon son.

[via animenewsnetwork]