I guess China is trying to compete with Japan for the crown of weird. Check out the scene at Beijing’s Midi Music Festival:

It’s being touted as the newest teen fad to combat loneliness by HuffPost and other Western sites. And we don’t know if these guys are actually feeling these gaping holes of solitude and then filling it up with crisp vegetation with the frilly edges. But we do know it originates from artist Han Bing who famously walked a cabbage in 2000 as a “a playful twist on a serious subject—the way our everyday practices serve to constitute ‘normalcy’ and our identities are often constituted by the act of claiming objects as our possessions.”

Look how much fun he’s having. No need for poop bag either.

A psychiatrist tried to break it down for the Austrian Times, talking about “the idea is simple – you feel as lonely and as simple as a cabbage, so you begin to act like one and befriend one. And in that acceptance comes change.” That’s cute but I’d rather eat it as kimchi or raw with the fermented spicy bean paste. Ugh, just realized this ‘trend’ perpetuates the whole Asians eating their pets stereotype. THANKS CHINA.

[via shanghaiist]

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  • Blazelz

    If i seen somebody doing that shit I would soccer kick that shit into space

  • Howard Yew

    yet another way cabbage makes us Asians feel good. #cabbagecares