One of the first arguments I ever had in my life was about the plausibility of me growing up to  be a Ninja Turtle. My bro kept saying the whole thing was ‘stupid’ and my mom was cracking up the whole time…Years later, I’m not a Ninja Turtle yet! (I gotta get my hands on some of that ooze, bro). But yeah, the franchise was one of the first things I was ever passionate about.

So imagine my face watching this trailer and just seeing CRAP AZZ Megan Fox, Megan Fox, Megan Fox ALL UP IN IT. It’s like Godzilla flicks where they gotta build the story around the humans which I don’t mind so much but when the human is Megan Fox?? Nah, son.

And then, of course, the BIG REVEAL… what do the turtles look like? Aw man, it’s some CRAP AZZ…. If you ever seen the live-action Super Mario Bros movie, they brought the mufuckin goombas back. Son…. nah.

I hope Shredder win.

Who knows? Might be good? But probably terrible. Whatever, man. I’ve already seen Hollywood make Dragon Ball Evolution, my heart is already dead, my soul crushed.

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    lmao this man said they brought the goombas back /dead