So, Asians in the 626 did a pointless thing today and created a massive cup of bubble tea. Yeah, pointless as fuck. But yo, I got a beef with the negative connotations of that, I love pointless shit ever since poking the dirt in a parking lot with a twig as a tot.

Standing 6 feet tall (almost 10 feet if you also count the giant straw) and made of plexiglass, the cup holds 320 gallons of tea — that’s over 2,500 cups of a standard 16 oz. boba drink. My only question: did they have giant tapioca balls to go inside the giant cup of milk tea? More photos here.

Anyway, I need to drink that.

[via angryasianman]

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  • hubrisp

    whatttt. someone better have drank that


      lmao that’s what i’m sayinnn