So, a group of able developers got together on infamous message board 4Chan and created an anime-style dating sim, Katawa Shoujo, about amputees, burn victims, and the like. Those sick bastards, right? Apparently, it’s not a bad game. Kotaku writer Richard Eisenbeis basically says despite the obligatory hentai sex scenes (you can turn this mode off), there are lessons to be learned and stuff:

In all, Katawa Shoujo is an excellent visual novel. It takes a delicate issue and treats it with all the respect it deserves, while not tip-toeing around it. Moreover, it delivers a touching slice-of-life story—or five of them, as the case may be. It really is a testament to what a group of random netizens can do when they have the same goal.

Word? It actually sounds like most animes I really enjoy, a real iffy premise that you soon forget about as the story and character development overshadows everything else. Click here to play for free.

[via kotaku]

  • DokkiB

    did you actually play this already? how was the download? pls do tell

  • Dave

    I haven’t, why don’t you check it out and write a review for us lol

  • DokkiB

    I actually did.

    I damn near thought my computer was gonna get a virus from this lol

  • http://Website Anonymous KS Reviewer

    I played/read through it a few weeks after it was released and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The smut is really more like an afterthought amidst all the story and character development, and in a couple of scenarios seems a bit forced against the otherwise natural progression of relationships between the main character and his five choice sweethearts. It’s pretty easy in some of the scenarios to get really emotionally involved. I ended up staying up until 5 AM on some nights because it was really difficult to stop reading.

    I’ve only played/read a couple of other visual novel-style games that I paid a retail price for, and this freebie comes along and blows those titles away. That says a lot about the quality of the product and the development team behind it. I’d definitely recommend it for any anime enthusiast, and I don’t think it would be generally necessary to censor it for teens since the adult scenes are tasteful with respect to the written story, though parental discretion should always be used.

    There’s plenty of more thorough reviews, but hopefully this rough review of the game will encourage your readers to download it and give it a shot. It’s written well enough that most people should be able to enjoy it even if they’re not into the art style. It’s also free so if someone doesn’t like it, they can just uninstall it and it didn’t cost them a dime.

  • Dave

    ^ Hey man, appreciate that! We all been there with the 5AM nights when it comes to anime and manga marathons so I can only imagine what a video game is like lol Might gotta check this out