Scientists are great. You got to realize there’s so many of them working on the most random shit. Seems obvious enough, but you don’t give them that hero trophy until you find out some are hard at work trying to create a hangover-proof beer.

The nutrition researchers hail from the Griffith Health Institute in Queensland, and they say they’ve “improved” beer with their new recipe. To test it out, they enhanced two different commercial beers—one light, one dark—and gave them to test subjects who had just exercised. The participants had to replace 150 percent of the body mass lost during the workout session within an hour by drinking one of four beers. Two were electrolyte-enhanced, and two were normal beers. And guess what happened: the electrolyte-enhanced beers rehydrated test subjects better by more than a third, according to the researchers.

ELECTROLYTES, DAWG! Put your money away though, it’s no real plans to mass produce it…. yet!

Honestly, I’m surprised Asians haven’t created a beer that’s advertised to be good for your studies and athleticism already. That well-being.

[via gizmodo]

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