I know ‘epic’ is a word that gets thrown around a lot but you gotta understand this anime is a classic. That shit’s been sitting on top of AnimeNfo’s Top 200 list for years! And judging from the trailers, it looks like they found a nice balance of realistic swordplay and anime-style-ridiculous-but-still-cool power moves. This is actually the second teaser and it shows Kenshin talking and interacting with people. Not mad at the casting team. Can’t wait to see this.

[via animenewsnetwork]

  • http://Website D

    i’m flying to japan just for this.

  • Chaba

    Oh Whaaaat?!? That shit loox fuckin D O P E !!!

  • Dave

    I was kind of hating on Sanosuke until the very end. He looked kinda bawse.