These days, people think it’s mad cute to throw the term ‘ninja’ around. It shares the same fame with other internet-friendly characters such as zombies, kittens, and bacon. But if you want to really talk ninja, this guy knows ain’t a damn thing sweet about it. 63-year-old Jinichi Kawakami is an engineer and also the 21st leader of the Ban clan, a family known to practice espionage and assassinations for over 500 years. He grew up learning how to kill, sneak up on people, disappear in smoke, and hear needles drop from as far as the next room. You ever heard the expression ‘so quiet you can hear a pin drop?’. THAT’S AN ACTUAL WAY OF LIFE FOR THIS DUDE.

During his childhood days, there was nothing in his training that made any sense to his official profession as an engineer. At age six, he started training in the martial art of ninjutsu under the watchful eyes of master Masazo Ishida.

Then he would channel his concentration toward listening to a needle dropping on a wooden floor in an adjacent room. He’d also climb walls, make dangerous jumps, expose himself to temperature extremes, and deprive his body of food and water for days.

Everybody talkin’ that ninja shit can’t even get to dinner without gnawing on a snickers bar. Anyway, Kawakami decided he doesn’t want to pass any of the family secrets along because he believes there’s no use for them anymore, especially the part about concocting poisons and testing them on people. You think he’s right or just being greedy? Naruto would be so disappointed…


[via weirdasianews via dailymail]

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    Hahaha! Naruto would be disappointed indeed.