Aiight, I’m pretty sure I’ve met this dude before through mutual friends (says he’s from Flushing) and if I haven’t, I’ve definitely met his type. He’s that fob dude, who’s awkward but only because English isn’t his first language. You only know this because he’s seldom seen without a gaggle of church girls, giggling to no end. One day, you end up at the same karaoke room with him through maybe a church or Korean Student Association event, and he just goes innnnn on that Korean ballad… or in this case, Michael Bolton. Anyway, his name is Heejun Han and he’s definitely got what it takes to become a finalist, both talent and personality-wise. We might be reaching to say he’ll become next American Idol but there’s no doubt in my mind, that arm wiggle has potential to become HUGE in the clubs.


  • JapanCinema

    yeah this dude was weird, and I was thinking it was staged but you seem to know the Asian community in NY better than me so I’ll take your word for it. That wacky inflatible arm flailing tube man dance is going to sweep the nation.

  • Mikey

    dudeee! I’ve definitely met one of those fangirls before. almost positive. that shit was straight pandemonium when he walked out with his ticket in hand.

  • GC

    Nothing was staged – that’s just how he is – awesome! That’s my boy

  • Terrence

    Yea I met one of his fangirls too I’m pretty sure…